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  • kaz

    Les Bijoux Creole!

    A unique and precious know-how in Creole jewelry, brilliant moments to share for all the stories of offering necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants in gold, silver, plated.

    by Marjorie Doe Web Designer Madinina on December 12.2020

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  • Bijoux Creole

    Creole Jewelry Collection!

    The Creoles, creator of the cultured pearl, have been part of the Creole heritage since the 17th century and the mixing of African and European know-how and techniques throughout the world.

    by Cinnamon Louisa Web Designer La Réunion on December 12.2020 9

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  • Bijoux Antillais

    Antillean Jewelry Collection!

    The Caribbean Creole jewelry has a dozen types of earrings. Le Jonc, Les Créoles are made up of rings of varying sizes and thickness

    by Chou Doe Web Designer Gwada on December 12.2020 9

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