The guarantee of precious metals is a very old device that is intended to ensure the title of new books and used them to be gold, silver or platinum. This benefit results from the apposition of a state punch and monitoring the traceability of exchanges Article 553 of the Tax Code provides that the regulation of precious metals guarantee is applicable on the mainland, some of overseas departments such as Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion, and in Monaco the guarantee applies both to new books as used books, provided that they are intended for marketing on national territory. This guarantee applies only works containing precious metals (gold jewelry, silver jewelry and platinum jewelry) This regulation requires manufacturers, importers, refiners, traders or any other person that holds precious metal in the exercise of its profession. It is important to note that these obligations result many manufacturing that detention punches affixing works is made compulsory. The precious metal jewelery (gold, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry) made in France must include several punches in a consumer protection goal Only articles of low weight, are exempted from this obligation; This, due to the lack of space to affix a stamp and damage. Work in gold and platinum weighing less than 3 grams and silver articles weighing up to 30 grams is delivered the punch of title or guarantee. However, they must be the legal title (gold jewelry: 999, 916, 750 thousandths - Silver Jewelry: 999, 925 and 800 thousandths - platinum jewelry: 999, 950 and 850 thousandths) and marked with the stamp of manufacturer or responsibility.